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Receive "WE CARE" Lawn Care from the "King of Green."

Turf King lawn care experts know how much you want to have a healthy, green lawn. Let them nourish your lawn with high quality, long-lasting fertilizers to provide much needed nutrition. You can be proud of both your lawn and your home with environment-friendly lawn care and lawn maintenance requiring minimal exertion on your part.

Don't let pesky weeds or insects spoil your grass!

As needed, our approved control products are effective and safe, when used properly and professionally. You, your family and your pets can safely enjoy your beautiful grass. We take the worry out of setting up a lawn care program. Turf King will monitor and inspect your lawn and recommend the treatments necessary to enhance your lawn's beauty and at the same time control weeds, insects and the threat of disease.

The information presented here is an overview of what lawn care programs and services Turf King can provide. We have many lawncare programs to suit every need and budget.

Please review the list of Lawn Care services and call, write, or e-mail us for more information. Let one of our Experts show you how we can best serve you by servicing your lawn. 

Turf King -Green Healthy Lawn Care Turf King -Green Healthy Lawns

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 We provide the following services:

Fortified Organic Fertilization of Lawns
Corn-tastic Organic Fertilizer/Crabgrass Reduction Treatment- not only feeds the lawn but is a pre-emergent weed seed germination inhibitor of dandelion and smooth crabgrass
Natural Organic Fertilizer
LOGI-CAL Root Proliferator - Thicken your lawn, crowd out weeds
Weed Management with Fiesta (dandelions, plantain, clover, etc)
Chinch Bug Protection
White Grub Treatment -Nematodes help reduce grub damage to your lawn
Leatherjacket Insect Treatments (larvae of Crane Flies)
Core Aeration - reduces compaction, increases root growth
Vegetation Control for Patios, Walks, Driveways
Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Poisonous Plants Control
Top OM-Organic Matter Supplement to improve the soil
Perimeter treatment of homes to control Earwigs, Spiders, Ants
Acecaps - No Spray Insect Control of trees - Now for Emerald Ash Borer
Deep Root Feeding of trees/shrubsNutrient injections for trees- prevents/cures deficiencies
Treatments for Fungus Problems
Organic Nutrient Supplement and Insect/Disease Reduction for trees & shrubs
Garlic Solution for Mosquito problems
Professional Soil Tests
Soil Supplements and Additives
Salt Amelioration and Damage Reduction

 Turf King lawn care experts are servicing lawns throughout Hamilton-Wentworth and the surrounding areas including but not limited to Alberton, Ancaster, Beamsville, Binbrook, Branchton, Burlington, Caledonia, Caistor Centre, Caistorville, Canfield, Carlisle, Copetown, Dundas, Dunnville, East Flamborough, Elfrida, Fisherville, Flamboro, Flamborough, Fruitland, Freelton, Glanford, Grassie, Greensville, Grimsby, Haldimand, Hamilton, Hamilton-Wentworth, Hagersville, Hannon, Jerseyville, Jarvis, Lowbanks, Lynden, Millgrove, Mount Hope, Nanticoke, Oakville, Ohsweken, Port Dover, Rockton, Selkirk, Stoney Creek, Smithville, Townsend, Vinemount, Waterdown, Wellandport, Wentworth County, West Flamborough, Winona, York

We Provide the Best Lawn Service in the Greater Hamilton Burlington Oakville Area for all of your lawn's health needs!

 Our LawnCare and TreeCare service areas include: Organic Lawn Care as well as Fertilization, Weed Control Fiesta Chelated Iron Weed managment, Chinch & Grub Management services on our Home Turf in Ancaster Lawn Care , Beamsville Lawn Care, Binbrook, Branchton, Burlington Lawn Care, Caledonia Lawn Care, Organic Lawn Care in Carlisle, Copetown, Dundas Lawn Care, Dunnville Lawn Care, Organic Lawn Care in Flamborough, Grimsby Lawn Care, Haldimand Lawn Care, Organic Lawn Care in Halton, Hamilton Lawn Care, Organic Lawn Care in Hamilton-Wentworth, Hagersville Lawn Care, Lynden Lawn Care, Organic Lawn Care in Mount Hope, Oakville Lawn Care, Organic Lawn Care in Stoney Creek Lawn Care, Organic Lawn Care in Smithville, Townsend Organic Lawn Care, Organic Lawn Care in Waterdown. We're always here to answer all of your lawn and gardening questions!


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