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TURF KING is proud to be an AIR MILES® reward miles Bonus Card supplier. We are pleased to be able to further thank our customers for their patronage and loyalty. As a small token of recognizing you for your business, we would like to reward you with AIR MILES® reward miles.

AIR MILES® reward miles can be used towards airline travel, car rentals, hotel stays, vacation packages and an ever-growing range of specialty gifts & gift cards.

Special Offers--Earn Bonus AIR MILES® reward miles 

Ask about periodic specials where you can earn BONUS reward miles on added services and applications.

 Earn AIR MILES at Turf King Lawn CareTurf King Hamilton customers who are AIR MILES® Collectors can earn 5  reward miles for every $100 (excluding taxes) that is paid on regular lawn care  programs provided by Turf King Hamilton. Minimum program of $200 (excluding taxes or $226.00 with HST included)
 Dollars paid for lawn program - No. of AIR MILES® reward miles
 (HST included prices)
 $226.00-$282.49- 10 AIR MILES reward miles
 $282.50-$395.49- 15 AIR MILES reward miles
 $395.50-$508.49- 20 AIR MILES reward miles
 $508.50-$621.49- 25 AIR MILES reward miles
 $621.50-$734.49- 30 AIR MILES reward miles
 $734.50-$847.49- 35 AIR MILES reward miles
 $847.50-$960.49- 40 AIR MILES reward miles
 $960.50-$1,073.49- 45 AIR MILES reward miles
 $1,073.50-$1,186.49- 50 AIR MILES reward miles

 From time to time Bonus reward miles may be awarded for particular applications or for particular  promotions.





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Current Promotions

  AIR MILES with Turf King Dormant Treatment

REFERRAL BONUS- refer your friends, neighbours, and relatives to TURF KING Hamilton and when they sign up for a lawn program we will reward you with 50 Bonus reward miles.

AIR MILES reward miles with Turf King Top OM application

Turf King is a AIR MILES Bonus Card supplier. To deposit your Bonus Card AIR MILES reward miles go to

AIR MILES® reward miles Offer Details:

  1. Turf King Hamilton reserves the right to change or discontinue at anytime (without notice) all offers that provide AIR MILES reward miles.
  2. Customers will only be recognized for a lawn program purchases with a minimum paid value of $226. AIR MILES reward miles are awarded in multiples of 5 AIR MILES reward miles.
  3. Customers must deposit awarded AIR MILES reward miles prior to the expiration date identified within the notification email sent from the AIR MILES Reward Program.
  4. Lawn program offers cannot be used in combination with other lawn offers or discounts unless otherwise identified in writing.
  5. Reward miles are awarded when customer payments are completed.
  6. Lawn service landscapers and wholesale accounts are not eligible to participate in any of the AIR MILES reward miles offers disclosed above.
  7. This information is being collected under the authority of section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.A. 2000, c. F-25 (FOIP) and will be used for Turf King Hamilton offer purposes. It is protected in accordance with the privacy provisions of FOIP.  If you have any questions about the data collected, you may contact Turf King Hamilton at 95 Hempstead Dr, Unit 14, Hamilton, Ontario L8W 2Y6, 905-318-6677.
®™ Trademarks of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under license by LoyaltyOne, Inc. and Turf King Hamilton