Leaves Will Soon Autumn

Autumn is Fall as in falling leaves

The trees are just starting to show some colour. Certainly not at the peak of colour, but just enough to let us know that autumn is around the corner, but we can be prepared

Do not let leaves accumulate on your lawn. If they become matted down, they have the potential to kill the grass. Of course, some leaves are small and do not pose a big a problem as some type of trees like maples and oaks. Or if you have a mower that will mulch the leaves into small pieces, then the leaves can be left on the lawn. As they decompose they will enrich the soil. But they must be small enough to not prevent the lawn from receiving adequate sunlight.

Even if your lawn has slowed down its growing, don't stop mowing yet. Mowing should be continued as long as the grass continues to grow, even if you mow less often. Continue to mow at a 3" mowing height until the last cut. When you think it is the last mowing, lower the blades a step or two. This way the grass blades are less likely to mat together and provide conditions that may allow diseases like snow mold to hurt the lawn.

Fall Leaves lawn care colorful


BBB Better Business Bureau News

The Better Business Bureau newsletter lists the top ten complaints. 

Lawn maintenance is listed as number 7.


Lawn Care complaints from the BBB

Fortunately for Turf King Hamilton, the Better Business Bureau BBB gives us an A+ rating

Turf King Lawn Care is A+ with the BBB


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Insects or Disease

Looked at a couple of lawns today-
Excerpts from a email to one of the homeowners-
Did not see any evidence of insects-damage is not typical of insects like chinch bugs or white grubs. No insects were found.
 Necrotic Ring Spot on Lawn
The main problem you have is what we call necrotic ring spot or NRS
A fungus disease attacking the roots- because of the recent dry weather it is manifesting itself all over the city
No easy cure
See our website library for things that can be some to alleviate the symptoms
Roots are not functioning at 100%
During cool moist weather the symptoms are not visible.
Recommend seeding with a mix containing perennial rye grass -30%- a less susceptible species. Fungus will go away in two to five seasons .
To remove by digging you have to remove 6-8" minimum 

Here is the other lawn- visited this front lawn earlier today- homeowner said he had similar symptoms two yrs ago- resodded whole lawn- now it is back- a costly fix that did not work. 
 Necrotic Ring Spot on Lawn
Seeding - much less expensive