Crabgrass Skeletons

Crabgrass Skeletons

When people call in the spring and say that they have crabgrass growing in their lawns already, you can be skeptical. Crabgrass is rarely seen here until June. In April, you may find skeletons of old crabgrass plants that have died over the winter. Often the dead grass disintegrates and disappears. Especially in front yards where they get walked on or shoveled with the snow.

Here are some photos of some crabgrass skeletons from a backyard.Crabgrass Skeletons

A Greener Lawn First Thing in the Spring

A good lawn care program can give you a better looking lawn when a lot of other lawns are still rubbing their eyes after the long winter nap.

This is a lawn that was fertilized late October last year. Notice how much greener it is than the neighbouring lawns at the beginning of April after a long hard winter.

With Turf King's slow release fortified organic fertilizer, the lawn can absorb nutrients even when it looks like there is little activity. Those important nutrients are stored in the roots and are ready for action early in the spring. 

On lawns with a late season fertilizer application, warmer weather in the spring lets those lawns start the green-up process much sooner than lawns that are not as nutritionally stable.

Call Turf King to book your lawn care program and make sure to include the winter fertilizerSuperior Lawn Care from Turf King in your lawn package.

Healthy Lawn Care Tips

Healthy Lawn Care Tips

Keep your lawn healthy using good maintenance practices

Lawn Care Tips from Turf King

  • FEED your lawn with compost and leave grass clippings where they fall for nutrient recycling.
  • If the soil is compacted, AERATE in the fall. This helps oxygen, water and nutrients reach the roots.
  • MOW HIGH to promote vigorous growth, prevent weeds and discourage insect pests.
  • WATER DEEPLY and infrequently to promote deep roots. Too much water starves the soil of oxygen and invites disease.
  • OVERSEED thinned areas or choose alternative ground covers in difficult spots.
  • REPLACE grass with paving stones or mulch in heavy traffic areas.
  • CHECK the lawn regularly to detect pests and other problems early.
  • DISCOVER that healthy lawns are less susceptible to pest problems.
  • ENJOY! A healthy lawn is an ideal place to relax.