Potato harvest spinach sowing sept 14/14

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Insects or Disease

Looked at a couple of lawns today-
Excerpts from a email to one of the homeowners-
Did not see any evidence of insects-damage is not typical of insects like chinch bugs or white grubs. No insects were found.
 Necrotic Ring Spot on Lawn
The main problem you have is what we call necrotic ring spot or NRS
A fungus disease attacking the roots- because of the recent dry weather it is manifesting itself all over the city
No easy cure
See our website library for things that can be some to alleviate the symptoms
Roots are not functioning at 100%
During cool moist weather the symptoms are not visible.
Recommend seeding with a mix containing perennial rye grass -30%- a less susceptible species. Fungus will go away in two to five seasons .
To remove by digging you have to remove 6-8" minimum 

Here is the other lawn- visited this front lawn earlier today- homeowner said he had similar symptoms two yrs ago- resodded whole lawn- now it is back- a costly fix that did not work. 
 Necrotic Ring Spot on Lawn
Seeding - much less expensive

The Stony Edges

Patti says she always had problems with the lawn at the end of her driveway. It was always thinner, weaker and more weedy.

I recommended that she seed the lawn to increase the density, to thicken it up to help keep the weeds and crabgrass from taking hold.

She has done a great job of seeding.

Lawns do better without gravel instead of soil

But when I was there, I happened to put my Fiskars Tool into the soil there to help loosen it up a bit. However, the tool hit gravel 3-4 inches below the surface.

It seems to me that, in spite the automatic sprinklers, this patch is likely to continue to be a problem area, The gravel was likely there from when the sidewalk or the driveway was being constructed, installed or paved. The lawn would do better with some good soil of a reasonable depth. Gravel will not hold the moisture. It will also heat the soil in the summer making it harder to grow a decent patch of lawn.

Lawns do better without gravel instead of soil